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Bella Sole Spa

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Revenue Share Agreement
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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
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Wednesday, November 10, 2021
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Wednesday, September 8, 2021
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We offer self-serve wellness options so our clients can look and feel great whenever they want.

  1. Using our online booking and monthly packages, clients can help themselves to a self-service Hydromassage and other popular services as often as they like.
  2. By offering 1. flexible scheduling and 2. services that can be customized 3. at affordable prices, we remove the most significant barriers to booking.
  3. With a moderate increase in volume and a slightly lower price point, we feel confident in our ability to achieve respectable margins from a wider income range of consumers seeking wellness services.

Current Solutions

Our market segment is considered wellness services.

Top Services: Massage #1 in the U.S., Facials #2

While in their home purchase area, consumers are using massage or skin care services from a variety of providers ranging from independent operators, franchises, fitness clubs, medical spas, luxury spas, salons, manicurists, chiropractors, and others.

Services nearly identical to those we plan to offer have been mostly provided in specialty spas at premium rates.

Market Drivers

Demand for wellness services is based on consumer's need to feel and look better. This behavior is fed by the key trends of:

  1. Modern home and work lifestyles – stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and depression
  2. Greater awareness of health and treatments – via social media/online
  3. Large aging population – living longer + seeking treatment for chronic conditions
  4. Unfulfilled expectations and frustration with health care systems

Market Indicators

Previous to 2020, US Spa market maintained 9 years of consecutive growth in revenue. Spa category revenue reached $18.3 billion in 2018 (American Spa).

Although 2020 will likely see an estimated decline in revenue of 7.7%, an increase in the number of treatment options and high disposable income are projected to provide a rebound post Covid. (Ibisworld)

Competitive Advantage

By offering a significant portion of the services as self-serve, the staffing expense is greatly reduced which increases affordability.  By leveraging moderately larger volumes and self-service, we can tap the larger middle income market for wellness services vs. only affluent customers. Also, by offering treatment times as short as 15 minutes and "all you care to schedule" monthly packages, we will leverage our positioning as a flexible, time and cost efficient choice.


Plan to Achieve Market Share

  • #1 Demonstrate intense commitment to cleanliness/safety
  • Choice with upsell / customization options
  • Control of service experience, booking
  • Privacy or Socialization per client preference
  • Gamified pricing with incentives
  • Community events
  • Multi-level brand ambassador program


Our Team

Jessica Peterson, the primary operator

Lead day team: OPS, customer service, AR/AP, employee development

  • 12 years management experience
  • 14 years in med-tech
  • Designed and implemented nationwide logistics and training program for surgeons/staff in use of a robotic assisted med device.

Denise Kukovec, Assistant Manager

Lead evening team + manage payroll and HR functions.

  • 20+ years of successful ownership and operation of a combined product and service company


Planned Use of Funds




Projected Returns

The longer term goal for the business is to open a second location within 2-3 years.

As we build the business, we also anticipate providing ongoing returns as Gross Profit Sharing Units are being offered to all Minnesota investors. Payments are based on the company's gross profit and calculated as a percent of each member's capital contribution to the amount of total capital contributions of all members. Gross Profit Sharing Members will be entitled to aggregate cash distributions until the full Investment Amount of the member has been redeemed in full. Complete details are found in the PPM document.


We look forward to your support as an investor.
Our team will strive to grow a strong business that rewards both our funders and our clients.



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