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Chanhassen Brewing Company

Chanhassen Brewing Company's mission is to create a brewery and adjoining taproom that produces, sells, and serves high-quality craft beer in a spacious, warm, and inviting atmosphere that appeals to all beer lovers and celebrates local history and the neighborhood.

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Have You Ever Wanted To Own Part Of A Brewery?

The minimum investment amount is $2,500.00, and it entitles you to an ownership stake in Chanhassen Brewing Company as well as FREE BEER FOR LIFE AND MUCH MORE!!!!
(2 free beers in the taproom per day, 1 membership card per investor whether investing as in individual, couple or as an investor group, Cards are non-transferable)

Unlike most MN breweries who only offer equity ownership to accredited investors, we are offering this opportunity to ALL Minnesotans. This means if you live in MN and are over the age of 21, you can become a Founding Owner of Chanhassen Brewing Company

What Does Becoming a Founder Get You?

  • 6% cumulative Preferred return until contribution and return has been reduced to zero
  • Distribution respective to the percentage of interests after contribution and return has been reduced to zero 
  • Two Free Beers
  • Chanhassen Brewing Company T-Shirt, Hat, Sweatshirt
  • Chanhassen Brewing Company Pint Glasses
  • 22oz Ceramic Mug with Chanhassen Brewing Company Logo
  • 1 Free Growler a Month
  • Name A Beer



This advertisement is for informational purposes only. This offering is being made under the amendment to the Minnesota Securities Act (Minnesota Statutes, section 80A.461) and is directed at Minnesota residents only. All actual offers and sales will be made through the MNvest portal Silicon Prairie at The Department of Commerce is the securities regulator in Minnesota. This advertisement is not the offer.

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