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Fair Winds Capital Investments, LLC (REG-D)

Mailbox Money

Fair Winds Capital Investments, LLC brings to you an opportunity to provide quality, affordable housing across the Southeast while receiving regular dividends paid monthly.

Introducing Fair Winds Capital Investments

Founded by Navy veterans, Fair Winds Capital Investments, LLC is an industry-leading owner of hundreds of apartments across Hampton Roads providing quality, affordable housing to thousands of our residents and quality returns to our investors. We buy apartment communities that are poorly managed; then we improve the properties, take care of the residents, and improve the local communities while providing amazing returns to our investors.

Business Model

The rate we pay our investors is based on our proven business model of value-add apartment community acquisitions. As we add value to these undervalued properties by increasing the income and decreasing the expenses, we increase the cash flow and force appreciation. Next, we cash out refinance or exit based on the increased market value and market climate. Our business model provides impressive returns to our investors while taking care of our residents and our properties. 

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